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Grafiche Paciotti and Cartiere di Trevi together for PRIMA paper

The Partnership with Cartiere di Trevi: The Birth of PRIMA, the Ecological Paper of Grafiche Paciotti

Introduction: In an increasingly sustainability-oriented world, companies are looking for innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Grafiche Paciotti is proud to present its strategic partnership with Cartiere di Trevi, an association of which we are an active participant, which has led to the creation of “PRIMA,” a revolutionary ecological paper produced using processing waste. In this article, we will explore the details of this collaboration and how PRIMA is contributing to our sustainability mission.

The Link between Grafiche Paciotti and Cartiere di Trevi: The partnership with Cartiere di Trevi is a significant step in our quest for environmentally sustainable solutions. This Umbrian company is recognized for its commitment to the environment and responsible production. By joining forces, we have given birth to PRIMA, a paper that embodies the essence of sustainability through the use of processing waste as raw material.

PRIMA: The Revolution in Ecological Packaging: PRIMA paper is a tangible result of our partnership. Fully recycled and composed of 100 percent farm processing waste, PRIMA represents a leap forward in reducing environmental impact. Its innovative manufacturing process enables it to reduce the impact related to CO2 production by 40% compared to ordinary recycled papers and as much as 70% compared to pure pulp papers. These numbers clearly speak to PRIMA’s effectiveness in optimizing resources and promoting responsible production.

A Virtuous Cycle of Sustainability: The creation of FIRST represents a true virtuous cycle of sustainability. Scraps, which might have been considered waste in the past, are now transformed into a valuable product. This initiative contributes significantly to waste reduction, resource optimization and environmental impact abatement.

A Future-Oriented Perspective: Grafiche Paciotti and Cartiere di Trevi demonstrate with PRIMA that sustainability is not just a goal, but a path to be pursued with determination. Our partnership is a tangible example of how companies can work together to create environmentally sustainable solutions. With FIRST, we are not only driving change, but also inspiring others to follow this path to a greener and more responsible future.

Conclusions: The partnership between Grafiche Paciotti and Cartiere di Trevi led to the creation of PRIMA, an environmentally friendly paper that redefines sustainability in the packaging industry. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to reducing environmental impact and adopting innovative solutions. PRIMA represents a milestone toward a more sustainable world and inspires us to continue looking for innovative ways to contribute to the well-being of our planet.