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PrimaBOX our patented collapsible box comes out.

PRIMABOX: The Ecological Box Developed with PRIMA Recycled Paper

Welcome to the PRIMABOX universe, an innovative project that reflects our commitment to eco-sustainability and innovation. PRIMABOX is the result of a strategic partnership with a renowned paper mill in Umbria, through which we have created a cutting-edge packaging solution using our 100% recycled PRIMA paper, patented for its exceptional nature. This unique approach has enabled us to achieve outstanding environmental and functional results.

Environmental Impact Excellence: FIRST and CO2 Savings.

PRIMA paper is the heart of PRIMABOX, an environmentally friendly option that comes from domestic production waste. Thanks to an important collaboration with a local paper mill, we were able to create a paper with a low environmental impact, with a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional recycled papers. This innovative paper underscores our concrete commitment to sustainability by offering an environmentally friendly, high-quality alternative for packaging solutions.

Robustness and Functionality: The Distinctive Design of PRIMABOX

Each element of PRIMABOX is designed to provide strength and stability, without the need for an internal gray cardboard structure. We doubled the thickness of the paper, creating a packaging solution that keeps the quality and ecological aspect intact. The optimized locking system ensures maximum security during shipping, contributing to space saving and logistical efficiency. PRIMABOX is the epitome of functional and sustainable design in line with the needs of conscious consumers.

EARTHBACK: A 360-Degree Vision of Sustainability

PRIMABOX is part of the EARTHBACK initiative, a global project to monitor, optimize and reduce the environmental impact of our activities. Every component of PRIMABOX has been carefully designed to maximize material efficiency, recycling, and emissions reduction. With our EARTHBACK ID, customers can access clear details about the product’s environmental and sustainable specifications via a QR code. EARTHBACK’s mission is to make sustainability an integral part of our business approach by offering innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Choose PRIMABOX: The Vanguard of Ecological Packaging

PRIMABOX is more than just a box-it is a tangible symbol of our commitment to innovation and sustainability. With PRIMA paper as our base, we have created a patented packaging solution that combines attractive design, functionality and reduced environmental impact. Choose PRIMABOX for your high-quality green packaging, contributing to our goal of a more sustainable world.