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Pop-up Invitations Creative experiments Innovative projects Complex processing Use of unique materials Tangible works of art Bold print Experimental papermaking Unconventional materials Artistic expression Amazing workmanship

Explore our universe of "contaminations" where the art of printing and papermaking combines with innovative materials and complex processing. Each design is an experiment in creativity, combining craftsmanship with the bold use of unique elements. From pop-up cards to washable paper solutions, we create works that challenge the boundaries of imagination.

Excellence in Innovation and Experimentation

In the world of "contamination," our dedication to innovation and experimentation is evident. Each project is a journey of discovery, exploring new materials and processing to achieve surprising results. Our ability to incorporate unusual elements into printing and papermaking allows us to create tangible works of art that exceed expectations.

Art and Unique Materials

"Contaminations" provide an opportunity to express creativity in unconventional ways. Each work is art that defies the norm, using materials such as washable paper or cardboard to create extraordinary arrangements. Through the bold use of unique materials and intricate workmanship, we create works of art that leave an indelible impression.