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The Paciotti Graphics Solid Box: Innovation, Elegance and Sustainability in a Single Solution

Grafiche Paciotti is proud to announce the latest addition to its product range: the Solid Box. This new packaging solution combines durability, elegance and a strong commitment to sustainability.

Strength and Lightness

The Solid Box is designed to excel in strength and durability, but without sacrificing lightness. Made using innovative techniques that employ far less glue than traditional boxes, the Solid Box is distinguished by being fully recyclable, thus promoting a more environmentally friendly approach to the environment.


In addition to its durability and sustainability, Grafiche Paciotti’s Solid Box is a symbol of elegance. Its sophisticated design makes it suitable for framing and protecting even the most valuable products, offering packaging that is both practical and visually appealing. The Solid Box redefines the concept of luxury in packaging, proving that lightness and elegance can go hand in hand with strength and durability.


The creation of the Solid Box fits perfectly with Grafiche Paciotti’s philosophy of promoting sustainable production practices. The company, which is recognized as a Benefit Corporation, works every day to build a more sustainable and responsible future, putting the environment and the community at the center of its attention. With the Solid Box, Grafiche Paciotti confirms its commitment to sustainability, offering customers a packaging solution that respects the planet without compromising on quality or aesthetics.


Despite its strong environmental commitment, Solid Box does not neglect customization. Fully customizable, this box is designed to fit perfectly with any requirement in terms of volume, printing techniques and paper types, ensuring maximum protection for the products it contains.

Grafiche Paciotti’s Solid Box represents a perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and environmental responsibility. It is the ideal choice for brands and consumers who do not want to compromise between quality and sustainability.