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DryDots UV LED

With the acquisition of the UV LED system, Grafiche Paciotti has taken the DryDots printing system to a whole new level. UV LED technology is the absolute forefront of industrial printing processes, as it guarantees impeccable performance quality, significantly reducing consumption.

Therefore, the advantages of UV LED technology are enhanced by the ecologically-friendly approach of DryDots machines which, thanks to the elimination of the wetting liquid, ensure precision and definition without the use of chemical additives. The technology enables maximum brightness, intense contrasts and intensity even on natural and recycled paper, for incredible printing depth and three-dimensionality. Above all, UV LED DRYDOTS is environmentally friendly.

Thanks to cold curing, UV LED DryDots eliminates ozone emissions and reduces power consumption. No chemical additives, water or alcohol are used, perfectly embracing the company's mission to guarantee environmentally friendly quality and efficiency.

GP Design

A veritable research and experimentation laboratory which develops prototypes and exclusive solutions, functional and true to the client's requirements. Technology is enhanced by experience and leveraged to create integrated packaging; aesthetics embraces competitiveness.

The company has its own graphic support department, dedicated to the selection of papers, consultancy for research into ennoblement and the most suitable finishings capable of enhancing and communicating content in the best possible way.




This is the research and development department, dedicated to finding innovative solutions and the latest technologies for upgrading and improving the quality and techniques of printing on any type of support.

The DRYDOTS® printing technique was designed and identified by Prisma. The technique does not require the use of water and alcohol in the printing process, enabling us to achieve greater definition, brightness, superior colour saturation, depth and three-dimensionality of printed matter.

Our printing standards are extremely high. Excellence is not our goal but our starting point: printing with the ideal profile using the most suitable materials, thus obtaining the desired shades, saturation, and brightness.

The human eye can perceive over 500,000 shades (commonly referred to as colours), which are associated with parameters like saturation and brightness. These shades strongly depend on printing material: coated paper tends to highlight brightness and vivacity, whereas the opposite occurs with more absorbent paper.

ISO standards usually used for offset printing have 40% less shades. This means that two similar colours will result in one single colour if printed in compliance with ISO standards.
The settings defined with our colour profiles enable us to have a range of almost 500,000 shades. This makes it possible for us to obtain brighter colours, more defined details and deeper images.



In addition to believing in technology, we provide digital instruments for the development of products and services which enable our clients to interact directly with the entire workflow.

An online platform with private access, dedicated to the monitoring of projects from quotation to final invoicing, where users can view the progress of orders and individual processes,  providing information in real time and the automatic sending of email notifications.

This system also gives customers the opportunity to interact directly with project managers, with their own cloud space for large file sharing.

Pre - printing

The pre-printing department has always been the pride and joy of Grafiche Paciotti.

This is where we analyse and evaluate requests so as to achieve highly customised projects. Continuous research has led us to develop proprietary colour profiles, for unprecedented definition on printed products, on any kind of material.

We make systems for any type of print, providing certified proofs on matte, glossy, and uncoated paper. We provide a professional photographic post-production service with a vast range of operations ranging from the simple colour optimisation of images, raw file development and colour control, right through to complex digital photo editing, with the application of corrections in accordance with your instructions.