GRAFICHE PACIOTTI ~ Print and Packaging

Just like 50 years ago, when the initiative of 4 young friends turned an idea into a company, today the creativity of young minds enables us to constantly invest in technologies and curate any project, in an environmentally friendly way.

By reducing waste, with the meticulous selection of materials and printing techniques. We strive to assist private companies, graphic design firms, public bodies and anyone aware that selecting the right partner is the key to their success.

We want to be more than just a supplier, we want to be a veritable partner which promptly suggests the most suitable means, the best technique and processing solutions for each and every product.

Michela Mencarelli

Michele Valentini

Marco Bracalente

Consuelo Mancusi

Giulio Bracalente

Andrea Toccaceli

Francesca Santoni

Federico Ferrini

Alberto Calzoni

Carlo Ortolani

Paola Ventura

Giacomo Lolli

Francesco Marcaccioli

Andrea Ruggeri

Moreno Suvieri

Marino Rofani

Federico Bulletta

Luca Castellini

Andrea Tabarrini

Moreno Fiorucci

Luca Maccherani

Daniele Corgna